Budget Breakdown


Today on the blog, we’re talking, budget. Dun dun dun! This topic is something that even us designers don’t like to discuss. However, it’s one of the most important things to really get out there. There are many reasons for wanting to hire an interior designer. Weather your renovating your home, sick of your existing furniture and just need a fresh look or maybe this is a new home. Any reason, when it’s time to start shopping for furniture and renovate your space, that inevitable question floats into your head like a bad dream. Thats why it is a good idea before you start this process to see what things really cost. 

Before you read further please understand that these numbers are not set in stone. I will evaluate higher end items and items that are on the lower end of the spectrum. This budget breakdown therefore lists the price points that I believe will provide you with beautiful, designer furniture. Any good designer will work within your budget. I really strive on keeping the budget in tact weather it is a lower or high then the prices listed below. I will also touch on what items I believe are staples in your home and items that you should really invest in. 

**Disclosure- The prices in this article do not include labor or renovation costs. Today, we’re talking strictly furniture. These prices are reflecting the 2018 market. 

Now that that’s officially out of the way, let’s get this budget breakdown started!


The living room is a room that people spend most of there time in. It is often the largest room in the home and hosts the most furniture. With that being said this room is also a room where you should think about putting more money into. Items such as your sofa and rug are very important. These items are used the most and over time will wear quicker due to constant use. Therefore, spending more money on these items mean that they are made with better quality and will last a lot longer then an item that is lower budget. If you’re looking to save in some areas, cut down on your accent pieces and decor items. Now how much does furniture in a living room cost?  Read on below for our budget breakdown.


Items  Quantity Low-High
Sofa  1 $2,000.00- $5,000.00
Accent Chairs  2 $1,000.00-$3,000.00
Coffee Table 1 $1,000.00- $2,000.00
Side/End Table 2 $500.00- $1,500.00
Console  1 $2,000.00- $5,000.00
Table Lamps 2 $100.00-$500.00
Rug 1 $1,000.00- $8,000.00
Chandelier 1 $1,000.00- $5,000.00
Pillows N/A $200.00-$1,000.00
Drapery N/A $2,000.00-$6,000.00
Art/Accessories N/A $1,000.00-$3,000.00
Total Cost    $12,400.00- $40,000


For the dining room, the table and chairs are the most important item to put your money towards. When I design a dining room I always like to add that item or two that really gives that wow factor. A gorgeous chandelier or rug always does the job!

Items  Quantity Low-High
Dining Table 1 $2,000.00-$5,000.00
Dining Chairs 6 $600.00- $1,500.00
Chandelier 1 $1,000.00- $5,000.00
Rug 1 $1,000.00- $8,000.00
Buffet/Sideboard 1 $1,500.00- $5,000.00
Mirror/Art N/A $1,000.00-$5,000.00
Accessories N/A $1,000.00-$1,500.00
Total Cost    $8,100.00-$31,000.00


For the bedroom, it may seem quiet obvious, spend money on the bed. A classic, high-quality bed is an investment that’ll basically last you a lifetime. As soon as one walks into your bedroom, a stunning bed will immediately elevate the look of your room! If you’re looking to save in the bedroom, there are many great nightstands and table lamp that are a good price and will do the job. These items are also something you can change out later once your wallet gets replenished! 🙂

Items  Quantity Low-High
Bed 1 $2,000.00-$6,000.00
Bedding and Pillows 1 $600.00-$2,000.00
Nightstand 2 $600.00-$1,500.00
Side Lamps 2 $500.00-$1,000.00
Rug 1 $1,000.00-$8,000.00
Dresser  1 $2,000.00-$5,000.00
Table Lamp 2 $500.00-$1,000.00
Bench 1 $700.00-$2,500.00
Accent Chair  2 $1,000.00-$3,000.00
Chandelier/Fan  1 $1,000.00-$5,000.00
Mirror/Art N/A $1,000.00-$5,000.00
Accessories N/A $1,000.00-$1,500.00
Total Cost    $11,900.00-$41,000.00

Budget is a very tricky subject. If you have custom pieces, custom drapery or upholstry, a large room, or a more maximalist design style, there can most certainly be an added expense that was not included in this post. If your starting this design process I hope that this post will give you a good starting point to see how much things really cost. If you need help figuring out your budget or your ready to take the steps in decorating your home, please contact me today  at lj@lesleyjinteriordesign.com.